Les Calanques

I had an amazing past few weeks, one reason…better weather! Marseille knows how to do sunny and mild in April! Whereas Kentucky starts out spring and summer with humidity Marseille goes sunny, clear and gorgeous. Needless to say, it is hard to find motivation to work when it is so lovely outside! Luckily, our lab believes in Ping-Pong+coffee breaks 🙂 a few weekends ago me and a couple colleagues went hiking in les calanques. It was wonderful! We hiked for about 6 hours and by the end, I was exhausted…this was only a week after my half-marathon and I felt so out of shape already, haha. We had a nice picnic near the water and even stuck our feet in a bit. To give you a taste of the day the pictures will suffice:

There was a lot of wind towards the end and we were exhausted…luckily my friends asked a couple to give us a ride back into Marseille…thank goodness!! I was so tired and we would’ve had another 2-3 hours of hiking ahead! Yay nice people! Anyway, great times in Marseille. I am finally at the point where I will be sad to leave in 6 or so weeks…good thing I come back pretty soon after that!

Until next time—>


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