SB2013 – Aix-en-Provence + the rest

I will soon be traveling to Brussels, Belgium for an action packed long weekend…thanks to France having so much vacation time! So I figured I should finish up my previous trips before I forget !! Sorry for the delays but, here we go!

After a whirlwind trip around eastern France and down to Lyon, we were exhausted! I don’t regret our choice to see a little of everything around France instead of focusing on one or two cities but wow! Traveling really wears you down! By the time we arrived in Aix, we were ready for a nap! haha. Unfortunately we had our giant, elementary-school-children sized backbacks with us and even though I searched online, where I found that no, there were not luggage lockers in this city, I went to the welcome center and crossed my fingers that they would help. They didn’t. So, know that if you go to Aix for the day, pack light, there isn’t a place to leave your luggage! 😦

Oh well. We found a cafe for breakfast and some caffeine and perked up! My friend Ruby came to see us (she lives in Aubagne) and we walked around the city a bit, Ruby as our guide. It was a lovely day, thank goodness and so it wasn’t too bad to only have that to do but carrying our bags was getting very cumbersome! We eventually found a nice restaurant for lunch in a super typical provencal part of town and enjoyed just sitting in the sun drinking rose for lunch 🙂

Our train tickets back into Marseille weren’t until around 8pm…it was only about 3pm and we decided we were tired enough to just hop on the next train back in to Marseille. This was a great idea we decided later because if we would’ve waited, we would have needed a taxi back to my place, no thanks Marseille taxi men…not today! We arrived back at my apartment, cleaned up a bit. Threw down our ridiculous bags and made our way down to the boulangerie for some yummyness to take to the beach. It was great but unfortunately as the sun set it was windy and cold … I had learned not to attempt explaining le mistral (the amazingly strong winds of marseille) to anyone but Hayley definitely got to experience them this day!

After this Hayley had a few extra days in Marseille, we basically spent it hanging out and having one last awesome sauce of a dinner. It was super sad to see her go but to be honest it was quite a vacation! One that, even if I hadn’t blogged it all, I will never forget! Our last travel woe of the trip, the morning she was to go to the airport, via Gare St. Charles, the buses were on strike…or course they were! So I called a Taxi that morning and we got there in plenty of time. I am so over Taxis! Then after Hayley left I had to walk about 5 miles from St. Charles to my office…not a nice morning. My feet were not okay! Oh well 🙂

So yes, next is the awesomeness of Brussels, Belgium! I am very excited for this trip in which I will get to see multiple concerts of all different genres, eat awesome food, spend time with an old friend and a new friend too and experience yet another country! Life is wonderful right now. I am so so so happy and thankful for these opportunities! So, until next time …

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