When the French government comes through for me…or at least I hope so.

I am leaving France in less than a month, on May 24th. First of all, boo. Second of all, this adds to many other planning, purchasing and paperwork doing activities in order to get back into the EU in July. I will return around July 27th and I shall need a new visa (my current one expires July 25th). I will now be able to apply for a scientists visa (instead of a student visa). This is a good thing because the visa will last for the entirety of my PhD (2.5 more years). I won’t have to continue going to DC to ask for one. I remember what a fiasco that was the first time. haha. ((cough cough)) ((wine bar)).

So, how is the French government helping me out at the  moment? I was told today that, since I already have an agreement (and contract) between Penn State and CNRS here in Marseille, I will be able to transform my now student visa into a scientists one, without jumping through the usual crazy hoops. From what I understand, and I might be wrong but…what I understand is that the lab here will send my paperwork to the Prefecture, I won’t have to go !! thank heavens! They work as my middle-man, talking them into the fact that I am legit. Life is easier when you have people standing up for you. Giving you credence. It’s nice. So, if I do understand correctly, I might not even have to go to DC this summer. This step I am not 100% clear on. It seems as if they’ll send my paperwork through to the prefecture and they will basically extend my visa by sending me a new, fancy scientist’s one and I’ll be all set to return. I think I will still have to register with OFii each year but really, if this is the worst thing that I have to do…whatevs. I will get a 2.5 year French visa. Winning. 


I’ll keep you updated. 


Also, thanks France for all of the May holidays. No work tomorrow. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get some sunshine!

3 thoughts on “When the French government comes through for me…or at least I hope so.

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