Montreal – a stepping stone between France and KY

Very quickly after I returned to the English speakingness of Kentucky (well, some accents in KY sound a little less like English than you may expect … 😉 ) I was off to Montreal, Canada for the joint International Congress on Acoustics and Acoustical Society of America meeting. I am a member of the student council for the ASA and so I am expected to be there, which I am lucky for ! I love travel (if you couldn’t tell). I got back to the airport said a sad goodbye to my older sister (who was returning to FL later that day) and made my way to Canada, for the first time!

Things I was excited about … I was going to see many of my Penn State friends that I hadn’t seen in quite a while! I would be able to speak a sort of ‘melange’ of French and English … since I didn’t know what French Canadians sounded like in comparison to the French I had heard in France (other than my bf’s amazing (or so I found out) and hilarious French Canadian impressions), I wasn’t sure if they would even be patient enough with my French. But I was excited nonetheless!


At a great bar in Montreal

I basically spent the week in meetings … I was at a conference, but I always try to make time to be a tourist in new cities I don’t know. And, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I am a HUGE fan of bike tours. Wednesday morning I sought out Fritz & Follwell Co. for my bike tour of Montreal.

Everything about their tours was appealing ! And, their website is lovely. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But I did. And I am glad I did 🙂 . It was the most lovely day that we had in Montreal and it was, on the tour, me, a British couple and another guy from Canada doing a magazine article on staying active during business trips! Our guide was awesome, patient and his brain packed with Canadian knowledge! If you are going to Montreal, do this tour ! I chose the Montreal Highlights tour. It was great, I got to see so much more of the city than without. The bikes were comfy and of course there was an excellent scheduled stop at an outdoor market for pizza and fresh strawberries and tomatoes!




Right: maple macaron. To die for!!!



The next morning I went, on my own again, to the lovely cathedral in Montreal. The inside is a sort of magnificence I was stunned speechless by. I can’t even put it in words and really the picture below doesn’t do it justice. Don’t miss this in Montreal. I think I paid $5 for it…no biggie. DO IT!


Went to a famous place for smoked meat – Schwartz’s Deli – and let me tell ya, WOW. Get the smoked meat sandwich with a cherry cola. You will not be dissapointed! (beware, LOTS of food)

So, some general comments about my trip. I LOVED montreal. I wasn’t expecting this. I mean, no offense Canada, I am sure you have lots of lovliness but I had never really had the thought to visit Canada much. I suppose it just feels too much like the USA and I wanted more of an adventure. But the city was gorgeous and SUPER friendly. The ability to speak French and English was fun and felt great! I LOVED that they had so many bike lanes all around the city and rental bikes nicer than in Marseille! I did not, however, like how expensive the city was. In general you are taxed like crazy and if you wanna go out to drink … you’d better be ready to pay. $7+ for a pint of beer and $10+ for cocktails…yeah. pricey! Oh well.

Last note: if going to Montreal and wanting a hostel. I stayed one night at La Maison du Patriote … nice, quiet, clean, cheap! Totes recommended!


photo from


photo from

This next picture was how my last morning looked. I wasn’t too super sad to get back to the then Sunny KY!


On to the next adventure … à bientôt!

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