WE ARE …. (back to Penn State)


Wow it’s been crazy to be back here at Penn State ! It had been about 8 months since I was in State College, PA! I wanna make this post fairly brief (comparing to some others I’ve done recently) …


A flower I planted last year from a bulb!! It’s so pretty!

I have been back into the swing of things here in SC doing the following :

  • meetings with advisors and members of my PhD committee
  • attempting to focus enough to get some work done, which for the summer mainly involves literature search and review
  • daydreaming of france and one of it’s particular inhabitants
  • missing many other peeps in France
  • counting down the days until I am back in France
  • spending as much friend time as possible with the masters students in my department who will not be here the next time I am in PA.
  • Working out and trying not to gain a HUGE amount of American weight! haha. Seriously though, 5lbs gained already, NOT cool! I work out just about every day and I have a 10k race this weekend and already did a great time on my 4k race on the 4th o July. Grrrr american food making me a giant!
  • doctors and dentists appointments. gotta make use of my american insurance while I can!
  • scheduling trips and whatnot for when I have my 1 more week in Kentucky with my fam and friends.
  • Planning trips for when I am back in Europe. Yes, I do already have TGV tickets booked 🙂
  • Working on reservations etc for Stockholm which happens at the end of July … a mere 3 weeks away!!
  • Working out how I am allowed to spend my new fellowship money. stipulation are silly. I mean seriously, I filled out this application in February and they wanted me to give them an itemized list of how I would spend the money … now I am supposed to stick to it … things change people. GGRRRRR
Friends at Zeno’s in State College.
  • Drinking lots of margaritas.
  • shopping on Amazon.com with Amazon Prime
  • trying to not forget ALL of my french by listening to RFI as much as I can ! (try to daily)
  • talking my older sister into coming to visit me in Marseille this fall
  • trying to talk EVERYONE I meet here in the States to come visit me in Marseille
  • Planning a wine and cheese soiree for next week before I return ! Gonna be awesome-sauce!
  • listening to LOTS of Grooveshark and Grooveshark Broadcasts — check ’em out!
  • makin a ton of macarons ! (see pics below) mostly to make use of my awesome mixer. But unfortunately … humidity kills my creations. They didn’t turn out as pretty as I’d hoped. they tasted awesome though…you can’t go wrong with maple bacon! 😉

4th-O-July macarons! Vanilla buttercream. mmm


4th-O-July sugar swirl cookies!


maple macarons, I filled them with maple bacon buttercream ! so awesome ! ‘Murica!

What’s up for my final week in State College ?

  • This week is Arts Fest in State College. If you’re around … come check it out. It’s a good time. I am running the 10km race on Sunday … getting a massage tomorrow morning to prepare .. 🙂 WOOO
  • wine and cheese soiree tuesday
  • giving a practice presentation to my department here at Penn State on Tuesday … there’s coffee and donuts provided, so hopefully they won’t expect too much from my actual presentation. 😉
  • I MUST pack my stuff ! Time flies and I have done nothing!
  • Working out as much as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tennis, running, lifting, group class. I love it all !
  • Eating one more round of Mexican food here
  • Oh right, and I suppose I should work a bit more :-/ I sure am not good at focusing. This is noticeable in that I am blogging mid-day at work 😉

If you read all of that, bravo! I bored myself even. haha. I just wanted to be somewhat caught up with bloggin’ before I headed out to France again.


preview for next post. two creepers at Niagara Falls. hint: I am the one on the left.

I have one more week here at Penn State and 1 week in the big ole KY. Then … it’s offfffffffffffffff! Expect 2 more posts in the next two weeks…hold me to that, k?

peace out.


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