USA –> France –> Sweden –> France !

So, I am finally back in FRANCE !

Marseille Opera <3

Marseille Opera ❤

As I assumed I would be, I didn’t do great keeping up with blogging this summer. In an attempt to get caught up I am going to fill you in on what has happened since Niagara Falls:

1. Finishing up in PA

Yeah, 5 weeks flew. Highlights were PA Arts Fest, getting into a fabulous 4+ days a week workout routine, riding my bike 🙂 (I love that thing). seeing friends.

2. Mini-impromptu family reunion

When I arrived home I was quickly told that the very next day we would have some family over … I said, alright cool, who’s coming? Then a slew of names came at me. haha, some of these family members I hadn’t seen in nearly 10 years so this was a great surprise, though tiring!

3. Pottery with BFF and fam!

one of the last things on my to-do in america list was to profit from a groupon I bought from Louisville Stoneware. I went with my BFF (from high school), Sarah and her mom as well as my little sis and Betty. We had a great time. even if my painting skills were less than stellar, I chose to paint a little brown jug. And yes, I painted it brown :). it serves as a cute flower pot and musical instrument. I am very happy with my choice!

4. Visiting another BFF in Indianapolis, having a mini-crush on the town Broad Ripple, Indiana

My very best friend from my Murray State University (undergrad) days lives an illustrious life as an awesome music teacher in Chicago, Illinois. She is also a champ going to school getting her masters in interior design at the SAME TIME! She amazes me! I am so proud of her determination and I love seeing how successful she is, in EVERYTHING she does! We don’t get to talk a ton and def don’t get to see each other often but when we do….party! We decided that it would be easier to meet in the middle. Indianapolis was the middle … well the biggest city in the middle of our two towns. So we got an airbnb room for cheap and thought we’d go into the city a lot however, this didn’t happen. We stayed in a town called Broad Ripple and I LOVE it! There is a lovely trail all around the town that was built on the top of an old railroad. It’s so naturey and beautiful. There are lots of interesting restaurants and shops, etc. So, if I must live in Indy for an reason, this is where I will be. xoxo BR. I will come again!

5. Visiting my baby sister’s COLLEGE campus

My little sister is 8 years younger than me. This means that I remember changing diapers, feeding her baby food (while trying it out myself and being much less than impressed), rocking her to sleep, pretending to be asleep so that she would sleep too (she never wanted to miss out on the action). All of these baby memories makes it hard for me to realize that she is 18, grown up and getting ready to go to college!

I am so proud, she chose Midway College near Lexington, KY. It is a small private, all girls college where I truly think she will thrive. She got academic scholarships but a super cool point is that they recently decided to have a golf team and so she will get a scholarship to play golf for her college! I am super jealous and way proud! I hope I will get to see a match eventually. I met her future coach and I think this will be great for her. this will be the first time she will have to be super responsible all on her own in order to succeed. There will no longer be parents (and older sisters 😉 ) telling her when where and why she should do things. I wish her the best of luck and I can’t wait to see what she can make of herself from getting these great opportunities!

IMG_3074 IMG_3071 IMG_3070 IMG_3069

6. Getting back to France!

I was soooooo excited to get back. I do miss America… (sweet tea, wheat thins, my giant oven and kitchenaid mixer, dollars, family, etc.) … but to be honest I was thriving on this little mini-life adventure going on here across the big pond. Plus there were some specific things I was missing … or perhaps one, a person, in particular. 🙂


Apparently the american accent sounds like a banjo. Now we have one!


A welcome back rose from an awesome guy!

7. Stockholm

One main reason that I was coming back to France so quickly was so that I could attend the Stockholm Musical Acoustics Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. I talked a special dude into coming to the conference and we spent 3 touristy days afterwards in that excellent city.

We were at the Stockholm Musical Acoustics Conference and I gave my talk, on the first day! Thank goodness! After that stressfest and realizing how nice all of the musical acoustics celebrities are we got to enjoy ourselves. I love conferences! Meeting people, hearing about new research, food 🙂 Coffee breaks!

Other than the conference we got to do a lot in Stockholm thanks to a friend I met a long time ago at a conference, he had friends at KTH in Stockholm so we had a tour guide! He took us to the good bars (all expensive) where my guy bought a margarita with tequilla that tasted like old boot 😉 and even to a lake and park outside the city that was like a little piece of paradise! Who knew I would get  a small tan in Stockholm! The sun comes up at like 4am in the summer and sets at 11pm. PARADISE! I hope I get the chance to go back some day. Perhaps in the winter, no really! There is only about 3 hours of sun. I am intrigued.

8. Antibes

When we got back to Marseille we had 2 quick days of work and then we went on a short weekend trip to Antibes, a medium city in the middle of Cannes and Nice since my guy had some job interviews. Talk about another type of paradise. I didn’t like all the tourists and barely finding a spot on the beach. Nevertheless I adored the weekend. We couchsurfed, me for the first time and met some cool people. Seeing as how the French Riviera can be super expensive, always, couchsurfing was such a savior! And we asked on late notice. Thanks to all of you couchsurfing hosts out there, being so willing to share your home and lives! Antibes was beautiful and I wouldn’t be too upset if my guy worked here 😉


9. Back to work…wait, what’s work?!?

It is nearly impossible to get back to work. Back to work…huh. I guess I haven’t been a good phd student for quite some time. My entire summer I have just read papers (not nearly enough), summarized them, written a presentation for Stockholm and presented it and now I am working on a draft of my intro/literature search chapter of my thesis. I get distracted SUPER easily and I don’t seem to get diddly squat accomplished. I am hoping I will be more focused once everyone gets back from Vacay and whips my lazy butt into shape!

So What’s NEXT—

I’m in Grenoble right now, taking care of these awesome kitties:

I am going to try some touristy stuff while I am here, if I do, I will update you. There might be an American here today! We went to High school together and I haven’t actually seen her since (8 years!!!) but thanks to FB we are aware of each other’s lives, haha. She is doing a huge European adventure and this might be one of her last stops!! So cool! Small world ? Nope. GIANT WORLD … Adventurous girls!

As always. I am superbly excited to be back but I miss my goofy family:

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who wouldn’t??? xoxo

later taters

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