A lesson in flying…

I have never been truly afraid of heights. I get the butterflies in my tummy when I am on a roller coaster and yeah, like any normal person … if I am up high and in danger of falling in some way, I tend to be afraid. Then again, when I was 8 years old I watched one of my cousins go parasailing and I thought to myself, I could NEVER do that …

Two days ago, while searching for things to do in Grenoble (while I cat-sit for my friend) I saw a website for tandem paragliding (parapente en français) and asked Adrien if he was interested in doing that sometime … he said, well, my uncle does that multiple times a week, let me call and ask if he knows anyone who does it that he trusts. We got a call back quickly and his uncle said, yeah so if you wanna go on Friday you can come with me and go in the two-person (tandem) for free since there is a course and they need passengers!!! WHAT! We said ABSOLUTELY! So I got to go on the top of a mountain and basically run off a cliff with another person and fly back to the base. It was so awesome and something I will remember forever!

Takeoff zone

Takeoff zone

The sensation is so awesome. It’s peaceful and quiet up there and any tiny bit of fear I had on takeoff dissappeared as soon as the wind took us off of the ground, a bit counterintuitive but amazing! We got to go on two flights each that lasted about 30 mins airtime (each flight). If you have ever considered it, GO! Maybe some day I will train (and pay the big bucks) to get my solo license because I imagine going alone would be AMAZING! Now for the photos (even the ones where I did selfies in the air that gives me 8 chins 🙂 worth it!):

later taters

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