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Hey all (not to be confused with hey y’all, I may be a southern belle from KY at heart, I will not resort to using southern slang):

  • Scuba

not me. but everyone looks about the same underwater 😉

Marseille is interesting. It is super hella hot one week and crazy windy cold the next. Then, thank the heavens it gets warm again. Don’t be fooled folks, this does not mean that the water is warm. In that short week of cold air and wearing medium sized jackets the water temperature dropped about 10 degrees C. BRRR! I did not think about this. I thought to myself, I want … no no, NEED to go scuba diving at least once this year. And so, saturday morning, at 7:30am I left my apartment and took a vélo to la Plage David to catch the bus 19 which would take me to Madrague de Montredon where the cute little scuba shop: Archipel centre de plongée was waiting for me. There were about 8 divers this day and I had planned to do two dives, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am now certified PADI advanced open water so I was able to go quite deep which is awesome, except when  you don’t have gloves or boots in freezing water. Needless to say I didn’t do the afternoon dive! Next year I guess… 🙂


My bf recently got a job that will be in Antibes, a 2h15m train ride from Marseille. As soon as I figured this out I needed to find a way to make the trip often, naturally 🙂  The whole PACA region has this discount card – ZOU!. There a lot of different options but for me, traveling for fun and not study, the best option was the 50%-75% card. This gives you 50% off all travel within the region and 75% off of a book of 10 tickets between your one preferred destination. Obviously for me, this destination will be antibes. The normal one-way tarif without any discount is about 30 euros, one way. With my carte jeune it would be about 16 euros … with this ZOU! card it is 7.50 euros one way!!! Win!

All you have to do is buy a one year card (like any discount card) at an SNCF station and it is 15 euros for <26 and 30 euros for >26 (greater than or equal to, boo!). For this year it enables you to buy a 10 ticket bunch for your preferred voyage (10 tickets for me = 75euros) this is 5 round trip tickets. And you can use the 50% off for yourself and up to 3 travel companions to any other destination. Def worth it if you travel often in the region!

I went in to the park a few days ago to watch my bf’s uncles Senegalese dance troupe practice. It was a lovely day (and all around town was crazy due to the filming of a new Jean Dujardin film “La French“) and it was nice to relax in the park. It is in a not super nice part of town. I mean, not crime-wise, it just isn’t nearly as pretty as the bougoise areas of La Plage David, etc. There is a lot to see here and really, it is a nice slice of nature in the middle of concrete Marseille!

IMG_3463 IMG_3465

  • Paris this weekend … 25,000 runners. WHAT was I thinking?

Quite a while ago I signed up for a race. hey…Paris to Versailles, that sounds fun and scenic and cool and…and…16km….WHAT! I saw today that there are 25,000 runners signed up. Holy goodness. Good news is that I will not be last. I am not fast, but I have NEVER been last in a race 🙂 Bad news, it will probably rain Sunday, there is a giant hill in the middle that lasts about 3-4 km. I haven’t done my pre-16km 8 miles like I was supposed to. The most I have done since my half marathon is 6 miles…well 10 km. It’s gunna be rough. But I know I will finish. There isn’t really a choice, right? 🙂 But I am going to run with my app. I did it the other day and every mile it tells me my total time, total distance and mile split. I really liked this!! It is a bit of motivation! Wish me luck!

It’s that time again. The season has opened at the Marseille Opera. I want to reiterate, if you’re a student in Marseille and are a fan of classical music … GO to the opera! Anyone can arrive 1 hour before and get 13 euro tickets in the “nosebleeds” which incidentally aren’t that bad just  a little uncomfy. Buy some binoculars and settle in 🙂 Next tier, arrive 30 minutes before and you have the opportunity to buy left over tickets for 50% off … well, the premium seats. So you’re looking at still paying between 25-36 euros. THEN, if you’re a student, arrive 10 minutes before and you can buy the left over premium tickets for 16 euros!!! Adrien and I got tickets last night in the Orchestra seating … row N!! They were great tickets and the binoculars I bought were worthless. HAHA

Finally. some pretty pictures of Marseille:

IMG_3432 IMG_3433

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