Marseillaise Minute: Restaurant – WADINA

I would like to begin a new segment I will call Marseillaise Minute. During these posts I will give my suggestions of awesome things to do, see, eat and experience in Marseille. I am sure there are many other places on the web where you can find this info but hey, why not offer up what I have done in my three years in the south of France??

So, to begin, I want to offer some restaurant suggestions. Marseille, like most larger French cities is FILLED with restaurants. I mean WOW. I was quickly blown away by how many tiny, quaint, tucked away gems there are in France. I still can’t understand how they all can stay in business when some nights they have only one or two customers. But anyway, I benefit from this, kinda. It is great to have so many options but WHAT to choose?

Today I will offer up an awesome restaurant that I visited yesterday …



This is a cute, somewhat hidden, Lebanese restaurant in Marseille that was one of the highest rated on certain travel and food websites, like LaFourchette. We made a reservation, even though it wasn’t 100% necessary since it was a Wednesday night but it did fill up around 9p-930p. Their food was AMAZING! We started with apèros (Kir for me and Arak for my bf (similar to Pastis)) and they served us mixed nuts with this.


Then we got a half bottle of the Lebanese wine they offered. It was strong with a flavor that reminded me most of a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. I got the 13 euro menu which offers you all of their smaller dishes (kind of like Tapas) and bf got the 17 euro menu which added a brochette of chicken and beef as well as some super yummy rice! The dinner finished with a great dessert and mint tea. My favorites had to be the purée d’Aubergines (moutabbal) and the sesame sauce that was served with the vegetable fried bread. AMAZING!


I will absolutely be going there again. Something that made this meal extra special was the service. The server was very friendly, patient and attentive to our needs. He even brought us more of that awesome sesame sauce when we mentioned we loved it! Great service makes a HUGE difference! I left feeling full but not too full and with the apèros, wine and our menus we ate for under 50 euros. Great deal. Great food. HIGHLY recommended!

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