My weekend in Paris

I had quite the eventful weekend! I took the train on Friday afternoon after a great lunch at:

L’écomotive café, at the foot of the steps that lead to Gare St. Charles in Marseille sits a sweet little cafe association. I didn’t know what this meant really but overall you can pay to become a member of the association and get some awesome food and drinks and coffee and whatnot for cheaper. The food was FAB and just the right amount of hipster/Organic 🙂 , not necessarily something I 100% go for all the time but it is super nice to leave a meal not feeling like a giant having trouble walking! Good prices for the breakfast and lunch menus. I will def go again if I am hungry near the station!

IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3499 IMG_3500 IMG_3501

As soon as I got to Paris I met up with my friend who is living there, attempted to get a little pretty and off we went to the Ballet at Palais Garnier ! We felt super fancy! We saw the Ballet La Dame aux Camellias. Super pretty watching dancing but it was a little long. Plus, as I think I have said before about ballets, I keep waiting for someone to sing. Ballets seem so quiet to me! But again, lovely! and although my back hurt a little and there isn’t a super ton of room for the knees up in the amphitheater of Garnier it was awesome to be there and offer the ballet as a BDay gift to my friend!

IMG_3503 IMG_3511 IMG_3510 IMG_3505 IMG_3504

The next day was apparently focused around food. haha. we ate a fantabulous lunch in a typical french café. I loved it! Duck confit! mmmmm. Then we got some bubble tea and macarons and made our way to the Palais de Sports to pick up my race packet…that’s right, I ran a race in Paris this weekend! I ran La Grande Classique which is a 16 km race between Paris (the eiffel tower and the palace of Versailles! But that’s for sunday…

(first some cute pics of my friends kitty cat):

IMG_3526 IMG_3524

Sunday, we woke up bright and early on a super grey, humid day and made our way to the Eiffel tower, no biggie 😉

IMG_3520 IMG_3519 IMG_3535

25,000 people signed up to run this race! I mean wow! That’s a lot. They began at 10am and let 350 people begin EVERY MINUTE! I began around 10:52. I felt tired for the first mile and great for the second-fifth. Tired again until the end. haha. However, some good news. I ran my fastest mile on mile 2 = 8 minutes 30 seconds! That was an accident but a great one since that helped my average time! Since there was a giant unwelcome hill that lasted about 4 km in the middle by overall average mile pace was 10 min 30 s. Total time for 10 miles = 1 hour 50 mins. Would’ve preferred 1 hour 45 but hey! I did it! and to be honest with you my readers, I def didn’t train! Next time 😀 But, as always, even though two days after I am hella tired, I signed up for another race yesterday … Nice 10 miler in February, during Carnival!! Should be a BLAST!

IMG_3528 IMG_3532 IMG_3530 IMG_3536 IMG_3539

All in all, fantastic weekend! See you again soon, Paris!

Back to Marseille 🙂


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