What does France do with all of those photos?!?

I am filling out my dossier for the renouvellement of my carte de séjour and it got me to thinkin’ … what does France do with all of those photos?!? I am giving the 4 MORE photos. I get that they’ll put one on my new récépissé and whatnot but now that the carte de séjours are biometric (alllllll sorts of info inside if you scan that stuff, picture, finger prints, everything!) I do not understand why I keep having to take these UGLY photos of myself! It’s called digital folks. Get with it! I have taken at least 4 of these cards of 5 photos (at 5 euros a pop) = 20 terrible tiny photos.

Here’s why they shouldn’t ask us to not smile:


I am terrifying. Admit it. The one on the left was taken in winter. sad sad very white Whitney. The one on the right was taken after I walked a bit in the rain in august. Either way. not pretty.

As opposed to this one:


which I took at the US passport office. Totally legal (for the US) and much less scary, though I do look awfully sleepy. My advice to those in similar picture needing situations in France .. advice I need to follow … once  you see a picture you like, buy a ton of them. Scan them on your computer. Though, beware, make sure if you print them they still meet all of the French picture standards (check them out HERE).

So. A quick update on the new carte de séjour process and some explanations I received…

  • I have completed my dossier and await taking a RDV. Called today and no one answered. My lab’s HR is sending an email and helping me out. I am lucky for that. We’ll see…
  • They just changed the process so that my lab HR cannot get my récépissé for me. I know. I was WAY lucky before. I have only been to the prefecture once, yesterday and it was smooth. Now I am afraid that this track record will quickly be broken. They changed it to where they take your finger prints every time you go in and get something from them. Thus, I have to be there.
  • I don’t think that I am eligible for the multi-year one that most scientifique visa’s would be since I came in first on a student visa…LAMEzz.
  • Once again, I continue to wait for news about a RDV at the prefecture. I just hope that I am allowed to come and go with my récépissés … oh, and I hope I don’t have to wait another 11 months to be in possession of my shiny carte!

Well, in any case, wish me luck. Perhaps by the end of my 3 years in France for my PhD I will actually be 100% comfortably legal … though again, judging by blogs I read, I shouldn’t get my hopes up!

à bientôt!

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