My French legality, Running, etc.

Hello all ! I have a few updates that are of interest:

1) I got my RDV at the prefecture for November 7, 2013 at 9a. I have no idea what to expect but I mostly hope that I can legally leave and re-enter France in December without too many problems ! I expect to get another récépissé and then I’ll be safe for another 3 months while they are hopefully making me another carte de sejour for November – November 2014 … we’ll see. This leave me illegal for 1 week. AHHH!

2)  I bought my next (and SUPER sadly, my last) carte jeune from SNCF. An amazing thing this discount card. If you are spending time in France and you are 27 or younger you should buy this card. And if you do it now, it’s 40 euros instead of 50 … hey, I’m a student still … every penny counts!


3) I am running. A lot more than I was before. After my 10 mile race in Paris I got the running bug again … I have actually made myself get up early in the mornings and run before work. I am now working on 5 miles a day Tuesday-Friday mornings and since I spend time on the weekends with the BF being lazy, that’s my break time..for now. I have planned an 8 mile trail race in the USA in December, 10 miler in Nice in February and the Marseille Half-Marathon in March BUT I think I might … will … no no, def will … run a MARATHON in May. 26.2 miles is a TON! A scary venture but it was on my <30 bucket-list so why not. I will be 27 in about 2 months, I gotta get on this bucket-list (though the only other thing on there right now is getting my PhD, haha). Which marathon have I chosen ?? Well, last year my friend talked me into the Marseille Half … this year, she’s (unknowingly and not purposefully) talked me into the Marathon du Mont Saint-Michel !! IT should be wonderful. However, it’s still 26.2 miles and as of right now I am not even running that in 1 week. ((SIGH)). I know that once I sign up, I will do it. I have thought about it all the time recently and I want to do this, for myself. But it is a scary thing and I have to train right so I don’t get hurt. Anyway … that’s the big news right now! I could use some encouragement !!


4) MY older sister will be here in 1 week. I can’t wait to share that trip with you. TONS of pictures and memories and yummy foods and touristy funness! I am so excited! She said she would bring me American prizes and the only thing I can think of right now is tootsie rolls and wheat thins. HELP me American Expats, what do you miss??


If you couldn’t tell. That’s her in the back and I’m the cute one with pearls. After this pic apparently I fell off the table. I blame her. 😉

Until next time…

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