Vacation can be exhausting!

I was lucky enough to have my big sister come visit me in France for 9 days a few weeks ago and WOW did we do a lot! Hence the title of this post! At the end of this vacation we were both ready for a good long nap 😀 I will mostly post pictures, those are more fun anyway!


MARSEILLE: chez moi!

NICE / ANTIBES: took a quick hop over to Nice to see my BF and enjoy the abundance of sun !

My sister works more than 40 hours every week as a food/bev manager at a fancy resort in florida and she is also going to school full-time. Needless to say, she doesn’t get a lot of time off. How cool is it that she came to see meeee!

My sister’s thoughts on France/Paris/Marseille:

  • An 8 hour flight is not fun at all
  • We walk a lot more in Europe than the States (yep!)
  • Food is great ! But sometimes you just want what you’re used to.
  • France smells different. Marseille def smells different. 😉
  • The public transportation is baller
  • Vacation is nice, but wow am I tired.

What I realized (or remembered) about myself from our adventures:

  • I walk really fast. Like inhumanely. And moving at anyone else’s pace gives me anxiety.
  • I am not super patient.
  • I am a terrible tour guide! If I have already seen something I am likely to rush through it the next time.
  • I want to eat. All the time. :-/
  • I am cheap. I hate spending money.
  • I am the worst at buying souvenirs. I never know what to get. Don’t take it personally!

I will work on these things for the next visitor. 🙂 who’s next? 😉

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