Yearly Wrap up – 2013

I liked the format of another blog I saw … what my year brought me, a month-by-month summary:


janvier: got a great new years  gift of strep throat and made my first visit to the french doctor

fevrier: welcomed my awesome friend (and former Penn State roomie) Hayley. We traveled all over France (Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille) and went to Italy (Venice and Milan). We ate, drank, slept, shopped, partied, went to concerts, met new people, watched pitch perfect over and over and had such an amazing time !

IMG_0152 IMG_0054 P1000637

mars: met a wonderful wonderful french boy who has, every day since, made me smile, laugh and feel like the luckiest, most special girl in the world. ❤ I ran the Marseille half-marathon with Rubes


578768_10100207718492789_132926632_n 526433_10100207743263149_1065042207_n

avril: long weekend in Brussels (classical concerts, balkan music, coeur de pirate)

mai: learned that I received TWO fellowships for my travel to and from Marseille (NSF and Chateaubriand) !

juin: Montreal, Canada and some time spent in State College, PA

julliet: Still in State College, baking, seeing friends, 10km race finished in 1 hour 2 min!

août: Niagara Falls, Stockholm, Sweden. Sun up at 3a, sundown at 11p. Paragliding in Grenoble!

septembre: 10 mile race between Paris and Versailles

octobre: My sister, Ashle, visits me in Paris, Nice and Marseille.

novembre: Thanksgiving dinner in Antibes with the bf and roomies and my bf’s graduation

IMG_3822 IMG_3816 IMG_3818 IMG_3765GalaUsRomainPierreM

décembre: San Francisco and an amazing month with my family in Kentucky. Got to feel a baby move in the belly of my bff, eat a ton of awesome food (ie. egg nog, sweet tea, mexican food..etc) celebrate birthdays and Christmas all in KY and then return to Paris to be with my boy and his family, I mean come on ringing in the new year…in PARIS! Wow! What a year!

IMG_3927 IMG_3881

I think that sometimes I get frustrated with my progress in French or my lack of friends but really, if I look at how 2013 went for me … 9 months in France and 3 in the USA … I should be proud. I have met some amazing people, done some pretty amazing things, been to many amazing places, how could I complain? Thanks 2013, you’ve been great! I look forward to what this year will bring!

bonne année! et à bientôt!

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