The new digs and a Marseillaise Minute: L’Authentique

Hello all!

I am back to you now after my stressful few weeks with an update and perhaps the real rest of the story.

Since the crazy seemingly-mafia situation of last week things have turned out well thus far. I am in my new apartment, my landlord is nice. Shew. Now for more detail:

My apartment PROS:

  • Nice landlord. Legal situation. 🙂
  • It is within 200 meters or so of the métro. Major win! Sunday night I got from the main SNCF train station in Marseille (Marseille-St. Charles) in less than 15 mins, on a SUNDAY! I was overwhelmingly happy about this!
  • Fridge WITH freezer! YAY for buying frozen goods again. Smoothies here I come!
  • Access to a washer (and in theory, a dryer. We’ll discuss this in the Cons)
  • Separated bedroom with REAL bed
  • On a road with impasse – meaning minimalized traffic noise!
  • Awesome furniture situation. No I don’t have a closet, but I do have a dresser and plenty of storage (not in the kitchen but I’ll work on that) and a REAL bed and a great huge comfy futon in the living room for guests.
  • Long term rental. No I don’t wanna pay 600+ euros for an apartment I will not be living in for two months (April and May) but I figure everyone has to do it eventually so why not me…plus, I SO DO NOT wanna move again! For a long long time!
  • It’s ALL MINE!


My apartment CONS:

  • Though I have access to washer and dryer they aren’t just for me. There are three separate apartments in my “building”. We all share the washer/dryer. This is fine really. I don’t mind. But the dryer is not working. Neighbors said, for about three months. Ha. Well I told the landlord and he seemed surprised. Perhaps he’ll fix it. Perhaps not. We’ll see. Guess I’ll buy a drying rack in the mean time. ((UPDATE: he fixed it in under 48 hours!))
  • Noise: though the road noise is minimal I have some neighbor noise. In my bedroom, 9am Sunday morning I could hear them talking like they were next to me. Weird already but also annoying. I wanted to sleep in! Ear plugs will now be kept by my bed. 🙂 Also, this means that I won’t worry so much when making noise, since they don’t. Also, water pipe noise can be intense at times as well.
  • Internet isn’t super fast. We share it with the building :-/
  • I’ve had to buy quite a bit of this-and-that to finish up the apartment (blanket/sheets/some dishes)
  • The landlord was super nice in readying the apartment quickly (painting, cleaning, etc). Which was good so I would have a place to sleep. Bad because it wasn’t super well done. Problems: Bathroom door has no handle on the inside, toilet seat is a cheap plastic broken mess, haha. The shower head basically fell off when I first used it. The shower doesn’t drain (still doesn’t after 3 attempts with unclogging stuff). The toilet flusher doesn’t work right now. He has bought the stuff, just not installed it yet so it’s an adventure in the bathroom ((UPDATE: he’s fixing it on friday)). haha.

I know the cons seem pretty complainy but really I am happy. My BF was in town this weekend to help me a bit (a lot!) and it’s such a nice space. I think I will be very happy here. Now what? I need to work!!! It is time to be productive in multiple areas of my life: my PhD — right, the reason I am in France to begin with! running — yep this is my first official week of marathon training…goals: slow and steady. Don’t get hurt!

And now —

My Marseillaise Minute:

Haven’t done this in a while. I think it has to do with a few things – 1) I go to Antibes a lot so I am not in Marseille as much to enjoy what the city has to offer. 2) Lots of life things happening that I wanted to talk about. I know these aren’t always interesting for the public but I feel it’s necessary to document 🙂 Moving on –



photo: yelp

Now that I am near a bustling métro area there are all sorts of fun places to test out. Having walked by L’Authentique multiple times and hearing it’s praises from others I figured, why not. Now, this isn’t gourmet French cuisine folks, this is Fast Food. Cheap and delish! There are TONS of snack type shops all over Marseille (and in all of the other big French cities too) so finding one that is good and reliable can be tough … or perhaps we can’t tell the difference in grease tastes but hey, The Cheese Burger I got from L’Authetique was fab. Obviously not a place for dieters but it was cheap — Cheese Burger and some Herbs de Provence spiced fries = 5 euros. Not bad. Service was fast and friendly. Music was a little annoying (it was being played from a phone, through a microphone through outdoor speakers. Not nice.).  Good atmosphere, price and location for a quick bite to eat at nearly any time of day or week! Be aware that around lunchtime during the week, lines are long! The locals know what’s up.

So, L’Authetique. Two locations: 1) Castellane 2) La Vieille Chapelle. Go there!

Hey! Thanks again for reading. I’ll be back soon – hopefully with even more interesting things to share. ❤

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