Travel Accessories I Love

I think I have neglected the initial purpose of this blog for a while. I realize that now that I am actually in France it has become a bit of a diary – sharing tales of my French adventures. And while I am happy to do it I also want to leave my readers with some tips and tricks to travel with. I am not necessarily a jet-setter. I don’t get on planes 2+ times a week. But I have taken quite a few international trips in the past 2.5 years and I have learned about some things that work for me:


Kiehl’s in-flight refreshing spray mist —— I can’t find it on the USA Kiehl’s site but if you’re in an airport check this stuff out. It has a light sent and really does feel great. I was definitely one of those girls that NEVER understood spritzing water on your face. Buying mistable evian in a little bottle…why? But this really is nice if you’re in the air (dry and stuffy) for 8 hrs+.


Clinique All-about eyes (roller) —– Another purchase that I couldn’t ever see myself making but gosh is it a nice luxury when traveling. when you’re tired, at the end of a long flight and you wanna freshen up. Wash your face with a cheap brand cleansing cloth and roll this under your eyes. It’s sooooo nice! However, realize, there are no other benifits. I got a good deal on it through duty free one flight so I went for it, but for the price, I am sure you can find something similar at your local drug store.


Compression Socks —–  THESE for example. My ankles swell like a beast when I fly longer than about 2 hours. I try to get up and walk a lot and do some stretching but it never fails, I show up and my ankles are ginormous! I finally caved and bought three pairs of compression socks (for flights and after running recovery too). And thank goodness I did! It made such a difference on my last flight USA-Paris! What’s great about these is that they look like tights but I can feel the compression throughout the flight.


Headphones ——  A few years ago I bought my BOSE QC15s with a tax return. Best-purchase-ever! On planes, trains or even at home watching a movie these are fantastic (and my bf just bought a pair to match so we can watch at the same sound quality when traveling together 😉 ). They make such a difference and I can’t travel without them now. If you like music and hate noise, buy these. you will NOT be disappointed.


à bientôt !

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