Recent Runnin’ Gear

I was talking with my dad on the phone a few minutes ago — it is SO cold back in Kentucky. I almost feel bad for complaining when I say that I consider running in Marseille in the morning, before the sun wakes up, to be my form of cold weather running (it’s maybe 38F~4C)  🙂

Which got me thinking, kind of randomly, I should share running gear I have and like too. Why not! As this was WEEK 1 in my official training for the Marathon du Mont Saint-Michel it’s only fitting that a lot of what I think about is running related.


My GPS running watch: GARMIN ForeRunner 220 with Heart-rate Strap.


I asked my family to chip in for this as my Christmas present. These things aren’t cheap and you definitely don’t need one but it is such a motivator! Mine will vibrate and beep (loudly!) as I hit certain splits. It pairs with the heart-rate strap I wear as I run and after I’m finished I can look on to see where I went, how fast I was at each location, my cadence, elevation gains, heart-rate information, etc. It is a great new addition to my running ensemble. There are still features I don’t even know how to use yet — For example: this watch can give me the same vibration/beep alerts if I run too slow, too fast, my heart rate is too low (I’m not working hard enough), etc. Super cool! There are plenty of other models out there, I did my research and picked the one best for me but perhaps it isn’t for you. If you’re curious check out DCRainmaker, he reviews EVERYTHING. And if you read the reviews there’ll be a nice discount at one of his sponsor sites.

My Shoes: Asics GEL-Nimbus 14.


Great running shoe but as I said in my amazon review … SUPER cushiony. I wasn’t used to this and they were def like walking on clouds, however, this messed with my running for a few weeks. Eventually they broke into my feet and I really like them now. Next time – goin’ to a running store to be fitted. The comfort and safety is worth the extra dollaz.

My musical device: iPod Shuffle gen3 (blue and black)


though discontinued by apple, you can still find these babies on ebay. Upside: cheaper, 2Gb storage. SO light that I don’t notice wearing it. Downside: NO controls on shuffle. You must use the controller-type headphones. I suggest charging this every day since there is no battery indicator. Nothing’s worse than starting your run and 2 seconds later your shuffle says “battery low” and turns off. Darn.

My headphones: Bose SIE2 in Purple.


Super light and comfortable. Great to have the controls on the headphones, which are necessary for the shuffle that I have. I used to use the Sennheiser PMX 680 headphones and I liked those too, until I tried the Bose ones. On longer runs the Sennheisers made my ears hurt and they would tend to fall down in the back and beat against my collar (or neck). The Bose ones fit so comfortably and stably in the ears and of course the sound is phenomenal. The Bose ones also tend to keep sweat out of the ears when you’re running (it was not a pleasant feeling or sound with the Sennheisers when sweat dripped into the ears mid-run!).

Other helpful gear: Asics GLOVES


warm enough, cute hidden pocket for keys and whatnot. Smartphone capable fingers.

Feel free to share your favorites or running secrets 🙂 I am always willing to try new things to motivate and improve my running experience. 

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