Being in America and Running

So I have been hanging out in the USA for a few weeks now and I think I am getting into a nice rhythm, kinda. By rhythm I mean, running my required marathon training miles, being at work a ton (while not accomplishing nearly as much as I’d like), attempting to eat healthy, seeing friends, going to concerts. It’s going ok. Not to mention that my Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team went all the way to the National Championship game ! They didn’t win last night but it was still cool to see them get there after everyone doubted us (and we played like poo all season!).


Anyway, I have continued noticing things that I like about the USA, things that I didn’t realize I missed. Like seeing cows and horses during my morning runs, oncoming traffic waving at you, even when they have no idea who you are, tortilla chips mmmmm. I’ll keep that list coming in the future 🙂 Here are some things I am buying to take back to France with me next month: Kentucky Bourbon (Knob Creek was requested by my BFs roomies), liquid smoke (so I can make legit pulled pork). Okay, so the list isn’t super long yet. But at least I am noting it, so I won’t forget! 😀


This weekend I travel to New York City to run 13.1 miles = Half Marathon. This is my third half-marathon race since I started running about 4 years ago and I am pumped. This race is specifically for Women and it circles central park twice, I think it should be really nice!


This past weekend I ran 18 miles. EIGHTEEN!!! I couldn’t believe it. I was def tired and fragile afterwards but I felt so hardcore! I finished the first 13.1 pretty strong so it made me confident that this weekend will go well! In a race situation I generally run a little faster so it’s possible I could shave off a few minutes from that time. That would be awesome. My first half marathon was May 2011 = 2h35m, my second one March 2013 = 2h25m and this weekend my half-marathon time was 2h09m! So if I could get that I would be ECSTATIC!

Even though this isn’t the purpose of this blog I gotta say some running stuff: Lately I have been really trying to run smart. So I thought I could share (for my future self) and perhaps for others what I do …

Distance: I run 4 times a week, I am up around 30+ miles a week now. I do three shorter mid-week runs and one long weekend run. Last week I did T-W-Th = 4-6-4 and Sat = 18. I began training in January and I finish my training at the end of May.

Nutrition: During my 4 mile runs I don’t eat or drink, 6 mile runs I might take a small water bottle with me (or carry it in my running belt: HERE). During my long runs I take my running belt and have both bottles filled. One with sports drink and the other with water. I also take GU gels with me. I do as suggested on their packages and eat one 15ish mins before running and another every 45 mins (or around 4.5 miles) while running. I like the non-fruity ones. Vanilla bean, peanut butter (tastes like peanut butter!) and I have recently purchased the chocolate and caramel ones, we’ll see if they’re as good. Before long runs I make sure to eat something around 1 hour or more before. It’s different for everyone but I like to do either steel cut oats and a cup of orange juice or a bagel with peanut butter. After the run I drank a chocolate muscle milk to recover with protein, that’s an important one!


Recovery: As I said, I have some form of good protein after running. Also, a few days after my 18 mile run, on Monday, I got a massage at the massage school in town and had the chick focus mostly on my legs and shoulders. So worth the 35$! If you’re in the area, check it out: IBSMT! Really working those muscles out will help you prepare for your next long run! Another important point is that when you begin your weekly runs, the shorter ones, do the first one slow and easy. This’ll help your muscles wake-up after that awesome recovery rest day!

Something I am finding frustrating … all the websites say make sure your recovery runs are slow. the problem is, I am already “slow”. My average mile in my long run is 9 mins 45 seconds. Average mile in shorter runs can be 9 – 9 mins 15 seconds but no faster! So how can I slow down from there! I try to do my first run of the week as a pure recovery run at a pace of about 10 mins but it doesn’t always happen. My body is so used to running at my comfort pace. Oh well. I just hope come marathon time (May 25, 2014) I will be able to keep that comfort pace for 26.2 miles!


I have 6 weeks left before the marathon I believe with possible long runs of 13.1, 20, 12, 20, 12, 8 miles each weekend left. wish me luck ! I don’t know if this was helpful or just annoying 🙂 but feel free to ask me questions if you’ve got ’em!


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