My first 20 Mile run

This past Saturday (well 2 weeks ago, I forgot to post this) I embarked on my first 20 mile run in preparation for my first marathon race at the end of may. I had to go this one alone since everyone else is smarter and realizes that this distance is ridiculous.

Recap (the points I remember more vividly):

Mile 1: Oh crap. Already a little winded. Slow down there speedy, you’re supposed to shoot for 9.5 and 10 min miles, why you doin’ 9m5s …

Mile 4: Oh right. these gel things. mmm, chocolate. Not so bad. Keep on truckin … am I on the interstate?? Am I even aloud to be here … eh, who cares.

Mile 6.2: ooo, horsey. nice, 10 km < 1 hour. I am winning. feeeeelin’ good. Beautiful day. This running thing isn’t so bad.

Mile 8 (a brief foray into the woods…): so my directions sheet I wrote for myself (on the back of a receipt in eyeliner) says to stay right at the fork (comes to ‘a’ fork, takes a right, runs .2 miles dead end)… okay okay, not that fork. Tries again.




yes. I fell. Again. got some awesome bumps scrapes and bruises on my left knee, hip and elbow to prove it. but I wasn’t going to stop there. I got up and kept going. The pain somewhat subsided a mile later.   time for another gel thingy. Maybe that’ll help!

Mile 10: still feelin’ good. kinda. while sadly reazling this is halfway. I begin to have those doubty thoughts. they start as a whisper and grow exponentially until the end


Mile 13.1: nice ! half marathon done. ahhh, man. That would have been half way? I gotta sadly admit, I was getting tired here. poo, all outta water. and it’s time for another gel thingy. I might have to go to the restroom too. nope. that’s gunna wait. If I sit, I may not get back up.

Mile 14 (as I run into a gas station to buy another water bottle): Cashier “that’ll be $1.09” , Me “do you have 9 pennies??” while handing him my $1. “sure, haha, no problem” I fill up my bottles and off I go. running again! like a super hero. Until, not 1 min later I am going majorly uphill…and I slow….and I slow…until I am basically walking for a bit. So I let myself walk a bit. a little bummed but realizing it is necessary.

Mile 16: HOLY CRAP I am SOOOO tired! like SOOOO tired. until … off in the distance I see one of my friends and past roomies (CJ) walking her little doggie. I knew she would be somewhere around the 16 mile mark but I could have been happier to see her. It really made my day and it made the next 2 miles do-able! She gave me a water bottle to replenish my fuel belt bottles and off I went again.

Mile 18.5: ok. ok now. I might die. my hips are aching. my knees are pretty tired and I feel a few blisters growing on my big toes. But only 1.5 miles left. I know I can do this. I HAVE to do this. But maybe I will walk just for a sec…so I did. wimp 😦

19.75: just do this. you’re basically done. and then you can go home and do nothing. alllllll day! it’ll be great. just keep running. finish this!!!

mile 20.0001: Done. Done. I am done. Not one more step … wait. my car is .25 miles from here. Dang it.


I eventually got to my car. Got my clean clothes and went into the gym (where I generally start and end my runs) and took a slow hot shower. The rest of the day, when I thought I would lie around like a slug I actually took some Easter lilies to my friend for her amazing jolt of energy she gave me just when I needed it! and we ended up talking for a few hours. Then I went to see a movie with her and a friend that night. Having popcorn for dinner 🙂 We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. I loved it. As I do with all Wes Anderson films.


Sunday brought a bit of soreness but I could still walk 🙂 and today I had a nice massage. like REALLY nice. and the dude worked the hell outta my legs and whatnot. I will do a bit on a stationary bike tonight and run slow tomorrow. Probably treadmill since it’s supposed to downpour in morning.


anyway. Just wanted to post this as a reminder to myself of what to expect in this ridiculous distance. I have one more 20 mile run and some other shorter ones before the big day.


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