Benefits of Traveling (adventuring) alone. And together.

Recently I have tried to be more adventurous with my life here in France. I noticed I had fallen into some lazy habits … I run the same 4 mile (not 100% interesting route) from my house super often, I go to Antibes to visit my BF often and more often than not, due to fatigue from the week, we just hang around during the weekend, doing nothing of note, after work during the week I would go home, cook dinner, watch some shows and go to sleep. My life had gotten into habits, I got used to living in France and living in Marseille … the magic was gone.

So I have begun making a larger effort. Even if I am tired, or don’t really feel like it. I NEED to get the most out of my time in France … even if it means a little less sleep 🙂


plage du prophète – Marseille, France



a little sunshine at la plage

Last night at the couch surfing meet-up at the beach in Marseille I spoke with a lot of people again (after trying to talk myself out of going due to laziness and shyness). We were discussing at one point the benefits of traveling alone and in groups. It’s been quite a while since I’ve traveled alone since I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to travel with my BF, I’m not often alone on the weekends. This is great ! Honestly, traveling with him is great. But sometimes it’s a different type of adventure to travel alone. And it will cause me to be even more open and willing to experience if I am once again, put in uncomfortable situations all alone. There a couple weekends this summer where I could feasibly go alone (due to his schedule being too busy) … so I have ideas!

While realizing that next summer I would like to do a West-Coast USA road trip with my honey … meaning we should save money and vacation time for that grand adventure, AND realizing I have a little over a year and a half for my PhD and I must get to WORK! I am conservatively planning some summer travel outside of my Marseille – Antibes bubble. The plans (so far):

  • Barcelona: My dream city in Spain. I have heard wonderful things about this place and I MUST go. I was hoping to go with my BF but he has actually already been a few times so for him it wasn’t a super exciting destination
  • Montpellier: Not far from Marseille, I hear great things! I have a friend who has family there, so I’d get the real local treatment there!
  • Giverny (Paris): I’ll be in and around Paris (Le Mans) for over a week in July. My BF will come up towards the end of my trip and we’ll spend time there around la fête nationale (Bastille Day)! I would like to make use of our long weekend and get out to Monet’s gardens in Giverny for a day 🙂 It might be packed during the summer … but it should still be beautiful (and a plus, it is well away from the city!)
  • Cassis: Okay. This is kinda “Marseillaise” … but I have never been. And that’s just silly!

Next year:

  • West-Coast USA: We’d like to do at least 2 weeks next May of driving, site-seeing, camping and adventuring throughout the west coast of the US! Destinations include but aren’t limited to: Seattle, Portland, Yellowstone, Redwood National Forrest, San Francisco, Pacific coast highway, Big Sur, Las Angeles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Diego, Joshua Tree … optimistic, aren’t we 😉


  • Rome/Florence: I have to get there. Who doesn’t go to Rome on their European vacation!!
  • Ireland/Edinburgh: I gotta get into the English speaking part of this side of the ocean. I have only been “up there” to London for about 12 hours (eurostar) over 2 years ago. This is necessary!

Past that, I am sure there will be more small destinations here in France and throughout Europe. I just gotta keep my real legit “bucket-list” a little smaller so I will be sure to reach these places!

Do you have places to suggest? I’d love to hear ’em! Thanks for reading !

Ps. I leave you with a video of my current favorite indie band find: PHOX !


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Traveling (adventuring) alone. And together.

  1. Good list of places! Barcelona was definitely a sight to see, and I LOVED Ireland, though as an Irish American, I was maybe a bit biased. Otherwise, Rome and Florence are on my list as well, as I have STILL never been to Italy (la honte). I hope also to make it to Giverny one day soon, which shouldn’t be too hard. My traveling solo days are probably over though for a while, but I did enjoy them, strange as they were. Good luck making it to these places, but don’t forget… sometimes the best discoveries are places we just kind of come across without too much planning.

    • You’re totally right !

      I am definitely a planner but spontaneity is also pretty awesome ! Though sometimes I risk doing nothing if I don’t plan … :-/ especially with a BF that REALLY likes to sleep on the weekends 😉

      I just need a healthy mix of both !

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