Corsica ! (a summer destination you can’t believe until you see)

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending with my BF and his family … in CORSICA! I had heard of this island’s beauty but in my head it was just an island not far from Marseille, my current home, would it really be that different and impressive?



One of my first views after the airport

I was immediately struck by the landscape when I stepped off the plane. The mountains were true mountains and I couldn’t wait to explore. I flew into Calvi, northern Corsica. From there, after exploring Calvi a bit, we went to our hotel, which was a little further east, in L’île Rousse. We hiked, we ate, we swam, we talked, we were tourists. It was such a lovely short vacation and I feel so lucky I got to explore a bit with them.


My advice about Corsica – it helps to have a car. So take yours over on the Ferry or rent one while there. The hotels, food and everything else were surprisingly reasonably priced. If you and another took the Ferry from Marseille/Nice/Toulon etc, it would cost about 140 euros. Then a hotel for around 80 euros a night … that’s not bad! Then, there are so many free things to do, like hike around this breath-taking place, that you can get by with a fairly cheap vacation!


ps. I wanted to share my experience taking the SNCM overnight Ferry back to Marseille (the boat is called Mont D’Oro). We left at 23h from L’île Rousse port (check-in began at 22h). The boat was within sight of Marseille by 8h30. There is a bar/restaurant on board with optional breakfast buffet. I got a drink at the bar when the boat left, the prices were okay reasonable. I booked a cabin of 4 bunk-beds. But I was the only one in there. Despite this, I believe it would’ve been comfortable enough. You have the option to choose an all Female bunk room, which is nice. The boat was stable (it’s huge!) and comfortable. It was a fun experience and I would definitely do it again. For around 50 euros I just slept throughout the journey and arrived in Marseille, near the metro Joliette. I recommend it!

Now, I leave you with pictures because my words would not suffice. In fact, my pictures don’t even suffice. This place, my friends, you MUST see to believe!

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