So, you wanna book an AirBnB?

Recently I decided to try my hand at being an AirBnB host ! I have a great space here in Marseille and I go out of town quite a bit … sooooo, why not share it?


I set my price low to get some reservations … when I am out of town I am not necessarily trying to make a buncha dollaz, I want to make up for the rent I “waste” while I am not there. I have had two successful reservations thus far. Once, while I was in Paris/Le Mans for my Acoustics conference. And once, when I went to Barcelona. Those two particular experiences were easy ! Since, I haven’t gotten another booking 😦

That’s a lie. I had a great one that would’ve taken two weeks in August (since I will then be house sitting (cat sitting) for a friend). And they cancelled. 😦 boooo!

I mainly wanted to write this post from a (newbie) host’s perspective … since I have used AirBnBs around the USA and Europe, I have both sides now (host and guest).

Things you probably don’t think about:

  • If you say you’ll check in at a particular time. You should really do this. I was late quite a few times to check into my airbnbs. Now I feel awful about this. Everyone has lives outside of this, we can’t wait for you all day! If you’re going to be late, give a VERY good estimate of when you’ll show up.
  • If you are traveling internationally and don’t have cell / wifi service in order to contact your hosts (or for them to contact you) make this clear! Make sure you have a way … a device with wifi, go find a café. It is too hard these days leaving this to chance and if something goes wrong with your train / flight / drive itinerary … I need to know ASAP!
  • Spotlessly cleaning a place that is your permanent residence 90% of the time is REALLY HARD! Some people understand this. Some don’t. I will say that a few times I may have marked an AirBnB down on cleanliness because of stray hairs and whatnot … I will think again next time. Realizing it is nearly impossible to make your personal apartment look like a hotel.
  • Only send an inquiry if you’re seriously interested. I keep getting TONS of inquiries and NO reservations … I respond to their questions, which takes a lot of time on my part, especially if they’re writing to me in French. Meh. So yeah. Be serious and explain the reason for your visit, the length. checkin / out. etc. It makes the whole process smoother!
  • READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT. I put a lot of time and effort into writing a well thought out listing. I put everything on there that I would want to know as a guest. I still get questions like: “are the beaches far from your place” – I wrote already that they are 15 mins by bus. “is there room for 4?” The announcement says that 4 will fit. “do you provide sheets” — holy heck people, JUST READ! And my absolute favorite (NOT) “how much is your place for 3 nights?” … seriously folks … AirBnB tells you when you send the inquiry. Grrrrrrr.

Anyway. That’s all for now. Overall the experience has been good. I am glad to have this opportunity to be on the other side of things. It makes you appreciate even more the awesome hosts you’ve had in the past!

My airbnb listing, if you wanna check it out –> AIRBNB MARSEILLE.


Happy Travels!


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