A day in Grasse

I am a major perfume fan. It’s something I can’t help but buy. I used to stick to the cheap stuff (walmart, bath and body works) … then when I started making a little money I splurged, once on Chanel. And I was hooked. Now I buy a fancy perfume probably once a year. I know. it’s an expensive habit. But it is so wonderful!

What’s Grasse known for … you guessed it, Perfume! I didn’t know this when I first saw the name of the city. This is the home of famous Fragonard (among other wonderful perfume factories). My BFs Uncle and family lives in Grasse so we went to visit for a day a few weeks ago. This was the first thing that greeted us at their house:


A regal lion!

Then this:


A backyard that dreams are made of

Yeah. Nice!

We then went into town and toured the Fragonard factory. So amazing. The tour itself is free … the bottles of perfume that you wanna buy at the end, are not. But I personally couldn’t resist, so I bought: Etoile and my boyfriend bought: Concerto. Which I love (name and smell).


Map showing where scents come from around the world


Pure smellzzzz. Some tooooo intense !

We also got to tour a little in the surrounding area. Grasse and its surroundings are interesting since the towns are terraced due to the terrain. Makes for an interesting (albeit car-sickening) drive!


The town is small and perhaps out of the way. But for a day trip I highly recommend it!

Happy Travels!

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