Travel bug strikes again!

It didn’t take long. I was traveling around so much during July that I was kind of happy for a break … now I am ready to GO again! I know I want to travel a bit locally around Marseille this Fall. I really don’t have time for a big trip between now and my end-of-october return to the USA for two months. So I will begin planning in my head (and internet bookmarks) my next adventures. 

One of these will be a week split between Ireland (Dublin) and Scotland (Edinburgh) with my BF! I have wanted to go and I don’t want to miss out ! I think we’ll wait until mid-April (dommage) thinking weather will start to shape up around this time — does anyone have any advice on this? Could we go in late-February/March and not freeze?


We’ll probably take a long weekend early 2015 in Rome! Perhaps giving ourselves enough time for a taste of Florence too … we’ll see.

What else is absolute must-see this side of the pond (Europe):

  • Budapest
  • Vienna / Salzburg
  • Prague
  • Switzerland
  • Lisbon
  • Greece

Shew. When ya see it all written out like that it seems like a lot!

I’ll get there eventually. 😀

What about you? What are either your European dream spots or perhaps places you recommend seeing while I am for sure living in Europe (at least for the next year)?

Good news is I am doing some scuba diving this weekend in Antibes ! I hear the water is nice off of the Cap d’Antibes. I am very excited that I’ll do two dives on Friday with Cote Plongée. It’s been nearly a year and I miss being underwater!

Happy Travels All !

3 thoughts on “Travel bug strikes again!

  1. Awesome trip(s)! Actually I recommend not spending too much time in Dublin but instead going out to the west of Ireland. It’s a small island, so it’s only about a three-hour bus ride. It’s really beautiful out there and Dublin is, well, a lot like any other big European city.

    Budapest is really beautiful too. I would really like to go back.

    • That’s great advice! Thank you!

      I figure we might actually rent a car — think that’s reasonable?

      We’ll likely fly to a larger city like dublin direct from Paris (cheaper). but if we have a car, we would have no worries getting around to the more interesting places.

      What do you think about driving there?

      • I was traveling alone so I didn’t drive, I took buses. But my parents and brother have driven there. I think you’d have to be at least comfortable with a stick but otherwise they didn’t seem to have any problems. If I had gone with more people, I would have driven—the countryside is so beautiful!

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