Back into the swing of things

I have been training now for my next half-marathon goal for about a month and man, is it tough. I will run the Marseille Half marathon here in two weeks (Sept. 14, 2014) and then my actual goal Half Marathon (<2hours) is on November 1st in Indianapolis, Indiana (Indianapolis Monumental Half). 

Just as I did for my Marathon training this year, I am running 4 times a week with varied runs. 4 miles easy, 5km as fast as possible, 5 miles medium and an “easy” long run on the weekends. So far my long runs are back up to 10 miles and this weekend in Antibes it was miserable. I was so exhausted but this is likely due to the heat. Luckily I recently purchased a 15 euro Decathlon brand camel-back that’ll hold 1 liter of water. Godsend. Though, the amount of water you take in 1 drink is all from the hose, which gets hot if you’re in the sun. bummer. Still I am very glad I made this purchase finally. My bottle belt just wasn’t cutting it!


Running in San Francisco

I am starting to wonder if perhaps my body just isn’t meant to run a sub-2hour half marathon. I generally don’t set goals that are too far-fetched and crazy. I like to be reasonable but more than that, I like reaching my goals. Which makes this one extra scary because it really is perhaps out of my reach. 


My fastest half-marathon race this year was 2 hours 7  mins. My Marathon split was 2 hours 6 mins … I mean, perhaps with all the race hooplah I will be able to muster enough courage and energy to really do well. But what happens if I don’t… I guess nothing, other than hurting my pride. 


after my NYC Women’s Half

My fear right now is how little I am enjoying training right now. It’s really hard. And I have a feeling it is mainly due to laziness but also the amount of time I must commit. And I am not a great runner, running 100+ mile weeks. I am only doing ~20+. 


Perhaps my 2 month “break” from real training after the marathon wasn’t enough?


Does anyone have experience with this? Am I just burnt out? How can I remedy this without quitting a running routine?


I know this much … after my November 1st half, I will try to vary my exercise for a while: swimming, yoga, strength classes. Then we’ll see about racing next year!


After my Marathon


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