Avignon + Pont du Gard + Uzès + Paris

This weekend was so wonderful. My BFs family is from the Suburbs of Paris. His younger brother just moved to Toulouse and with my BF in Antibes … his family is pretty far apart now. In an attempt to get everyone together for a weekend, we all met outside of Avignon this Saturday.

Friday night, my BF his brother and his brother’s GF met me in Avignon and we hung out a bit and rented an AirBnB so we would spend some time together before family festivities began the next day. This was also the time when I was supposed to run 12 miles for my half marathon training … so I did, at 815am on Saturday. Shew was that tough. Something I learned about Avignon, it’s small! But so so so cute! I will once again advocate for tourism by running. I got to see so much in a relatively short period of time and in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I saw the city but I also saw the countryside. Sunflower farms, apple orchards and forests just on the other side of the Rhone. It was a tough run (sleeeepy!) but nice. 

IMG_0748 IMG_0745 IMG_0739 IMG_0735 IMG_0749

I didn’t know this before I went there but Avignon was a fortified city where the Pope resided at one point. I got to see Palais des Papes and the Pont d’Avignon. Not a city to spend days and days but a long walking tour around the city would be great if you’re traveling through.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Pont du Gard. This place is so impressive! Built in the 1st century AD, the Pont du Gard is the highest of all Roman aqueduct bridges. Amazing what “we” were able to do so long ago with just our hands and minds…no wiki / google to tell you how-to way back then. There’s a lot to see here, some good views and even swimming points if you’d like. Spending a half-day here is necessary in my opinion if you’d like to hike around a bit. It does cost to enter … but can be paid on exit (on foot or in car.)

IMG_0751 IMG_0756 IMG_0752

Then we went on to the Villa my BFs mom rented for the weekend. We were 7 in the villa and were joined by 4 for some meals (his uncle and fam). It really was nice to be around family ! And we rarely get time to share and get to know one another when we live so far away from each other. His mom’s mom was there too and she cooked for us a few things … one important one being her Terrine de Lapin en gelée … can you imagine making this from scratch! She works for hours and hours on this. It was really really good! Apparently there is not a written recipe for this, just word of mouth. Don’t know if I will ever be patient enough for a recipe like that but we’ll see 😉

Sunday we walked around Uzès a bit, enjoyed the pool and Sunday hiked a bit after a large thunderstorm the night before and cooled off in the pool again. It was a lovely weekend that I was sad to see end. Monday I took the train from Avignon back to Marseille.

Tuesday I took a train to Paris for my friend Ruby’s bday AND to see the PHOX concert I’ve been waiting for. We got Bubble tea and boulangerie foods before we went and had mojitos at the concert venue Le pop-up du label. There weren’t too many people in the venue so I was so close to the stage and such a geeky fan girl! I even got to talk to some of the band after the concert. They were fantastic and so incredibly nice! They sounded so similar to the recordings if not better and I was so happy I got to go … downside? Having to take the train this morning at 6am (and the first metro at 530am to get me to the station!). Life goes on. I’ll sleep when I’m dead 😉


Thanks for reading!

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