They’re reading my MIND!

If you’ve read any of my PhD Woes posts you’ll know that some days are harder than others for me here in PhD-Land. Sometimes I know I have it good. Sometimes I HATE this purgatory of academia and I wonder if I will ever finish. And if I do, will I produce something that was worth the tons of money all of those funding agencies threw at me?!?

I stumbled recently upon this blog: The Thesis Whisperer. Holy goodness gracious, they read my mind. Each post I come upon is like a thought I’ve had recently (or sometime during my thesis). It’s like a whole group of friends telling me – you’re not alone. We’re right there with you. You’re not crazy, you’re not worthless, we totally UNDERSTAND.

I read a lot of these and get some comfort. Sometimes the comfort doesn’t come, sometimes I continue feeling crappy. Despite my good friend mind-readers whispering their wisdom in my ear. But again, it’s always a good feeling to know you’re not alone. Right?

I wish I could stay positive. As I’ve said before, only 1 year left … it’ll fly by. I wish I could focus. Instead I continue to read blogs 😉

Recently read helpful articles which address some feelings I have been having:

One thought on “They’re reading my MIND!

  1. Yep, that about sums up how I felt for a good several years! (Except with a PhD in Psychology, no one really throws money at you… and you have to pay your own way to most conferences… so I guess maybe there’s a little less room for guilt. 😉 But somehow we manage to feel guilty anyway…)

    Hang in there! All you can do is trust that one day you will be on the other side looking back on this time and thinking “I NEVER HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER DISSERTATION EVER AGAIN!” (I never trusted that I really would arrive at that place — until one day I did!) And that every little seemingly meaningless step is going to eventually add up to the big D sooner or later! Really. Honestly, I think the PhD is as much a test of your forbearance as it is your research skills.

    I also think it’s really important to find ways to enjoy every single day, so you don’t end up feeling like you’re just waiting to finally live. Even if it’s just going for a nice walk in the middle of the afternoon as a break from work. Find a way to really live every day. 🙂

    Bon courage!

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