Run in Marseille Half Marathon 2014

It’s about a week after I ran the Marseille Half Marathon  ! Remember last year ? It was awful, I undertrained, the race was not well organized, it rained the whole time, I had stomach issues the rest of the day (and subsequently stayed in bed / near the restroom all day), couldn’t walk for like a week. Haha, what a difference a year makes 😉

This year was different. Not only did I sufficiently train, the weather was perfect and the race was well organized and pleasant. I say this for the half marathon. I will say again to anyone who will listen … whoever planned the Marathon course, you must not have done a marathon before. To make someone do the same course twice (loop) is just cruel. I was so happy to only be doing the half (my first race since my Full Marathon in May).


What I know about myself:

  • The first 2.5 miles are a little rough. If I can just keep a slower pace (~ 9m20s) for those first two miles then pick it up from there I’ll be fine.
  • I allow myself to walk. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it is bad when I plan ahead to walk. I tell myself, you’re allowed to walk at mile 11. Whether or not I am actually tired at mile 11, I walk. I tell myself, you’ll be tired then, which makes me tired. Does that make sense?


  • Even though I know I shouldn’t … I compare myself to other runners. At the starting line. While running too. If running has taught me  anything it is that runners come in all shapes and sizes. Myself included. Not many would look at me and think I was a runner. But I AM a runner. For whatever reason, a tiny voice in my head speaks up during races, ” you should be faster than her/him” or even the contrary “it’s ok to slow down, that skinny chick is … so you have permission.” Who thinks like that!!! haha.
  • I am still a little worried about not meeting my ultimate goal for my next race. I am afraid, as I said in a previous post, that I am just not capable of running faster. My knees and legs have their limits and I don’t want to hurt myself but I also want to avoid hurting my pride. I want to meet my goals! I’ll just have to be realistic, the week before the race … if I honestly don’t think it’s possible, I will give myself a break and just run the best I can, despite the eventual outcome.

I am happy with the outcome of this race. Despite walking briefly TWICE I beat my previous PR by a whopping FIVE minutes!!

Me after the finish of my newest PR: 2 hours 2 mins 48 seconds

IMG_0803 IMG_0797

The medals were pretty sweet too


Now to show off my 2 years worth of French racing bling (two 10 mile races, two half marathons, one full marathon) !!!


Next up: my push for THE PR — < 2 hours in the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon

Wish me luck !!

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