Menton, Monaco, Roquebrune, Cannes, Èze, Biot

What a weekend, two weekends in a row ! Thanks to having our Drivy rental car we were able to see quite a bit along the Côte d’Azur !


click to see larger version and all of the cities I mention on a map!

Menton – known for its citrus, Menton is one of the last large towns before you reach the Italian border (in fact, you can see the crossing from the coast). It was an nice experience, we had a picnic on the beach, despite the overcast ominous sky. There were definitely some pretty sights.

Monaco – Even though I consider this a little weird chunk of France … it’s not. It’s a whole other country. Which to me is super weird but I suppose I shouldn’t judge. It’s seen as chic and pricey. A playground for rich people. All we did was drive through since we weren’t sure where to park, it was night and we didn’t especially want to pay a lot for  a city (country!) we weren’t hyped to visit in the first place. Probably worth a few hour visit though, if you’re passing through.


Monaco in the distance (the lights)

Roquebrune – we actually went here each weekend for a few hours. We loved the ambiance. For some reason we couldn’t get ourselves there during the day. But the second weekend, after we walked around Eze (below) we decided to go have dinner here. We happened upon a cute hidden little restaurant the first weekend and decided to go back on the second. A sort of celebration, romantic dinner (more on this in future posts…) and I am glad we did! The restaurant is called Au Grand Inquisiteur – The service was great and the food was delish! The town is so quite and sweet at night. I highly recommend a walk around this village.

IMG_0854 IMG_0858

After our romantic dinner, walking back to the car, the BF wanted to take some nice night pics of Monaco (perfect view of the port from here!). Lucky us … they put on a 10 minute fireworks show! Apparently they knew about our little celebration 😉

Cannes – Cannes is super close to Antibes so I have passed through before but this was my first time seeing the city by a run. I had a 12 mile run that weekend which I did while the BF was in his Choir rehearsal at the Cannes Conservatory. I ran from Cannes La Bocca to Juan-les-Pins and back. I always like to see a city this way!


I ran by the famous theatre where they hold the Cannes Film Festival! That was pretty cool. Otherwise, it looks a lot like the other cities on the Cote d’Azur. Not to take anything away from the PACA region … but when you live here, like I do, they do start to feel the same.

Èze – Such a cute cute village ! These are the places that warrant renting a car ! I lived in the Provence region for 2 years now and it isn’t until wandering around little villages like this did I understand the charm of the area. Marseille is great, but it isn’t like this! It isn’t the museums, attractions, monuments in little places like this. It’s the streets, passageways, views. Go here. You won’t regret it!

Biot  – FAVORITE ! Though we loved Èze, I would have to say the little streets of Biot were perhaps our favorite. It’s hard to say really since perhaps it was just a more lovely day. But we were there for the Choir concert of the BF and we had the chance to walk around a little. Another charming little village that has kitties running around free and happy. Where it gets wonderfully quiet at night, only sounds heard are of families gathering for dinner.




We got to visit Le Four Communal which is basically a giant oven where you can take classes on bread making / pizza making, etc. Or even bring your ingredients in when it’s open and the owner will show you how to make the doughs. The idea stems from when there was only one big oven in the village and now Biot is one of the only true ones left! The owner was very nice and loved sharing his stories. Stop by if you get the chance!



Overall I feel so lucky that we got this chance to visit other cities and villages around the south of France. I’ll be excited for the next adventures … which may be in the NORTH of France (more on this soon)!

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